Hi Guys!

Thanks for downloading the scripts, and i hope they save you a lot of time and take away the pain of manual steps in your projects.

Everything is in siteconfig.xml, this is the only file you need to change as per your needs, the sample file that comes with the download will give you a fair idea.

Things to note:

If you dont want to extend your web app, thats fine, leave the Extention node there and change name to "" or blank.

For sub-sites lists or other sub nested nodes, if you dont want something created, just leave the children blank, e.g. I dont need sub-sites, i will do:


To Run:

Simple, after preparing your siteconfig.xml, run the SharePoint Managment console as admin, cd to the scripts directory, and run the script you need, installall.ps1 will install the whole IA

Known issue 1: Adding webparts to pages after installing solutions in some environments throws, web part is not safe, this is because web.config modifications arent being read by this powershell instance, close it, re-run the sharepoint management console and run ./addwebparts, this will fix this error.

Known issue 2: Using the PS cmdlet to extend web app, that uses FBA, the main default zone also changes to it, i will post a fix for this when i find one, but apparently this bug is staying for now, to fix this, after the scripts finish, go to central admin, app management, and click on your app, and then ribbon button, authentication providers, go to default zone and change to what you need, default normally is windows->ntlm.

To DO:

Heaps more coming in the scripts.

Most Useful:
The Install and Uninstall solution scripts, or addsolns, remsolns are very useful in any project, and have been implemented properly and wait for timer jobs to finish to give you the exact outcome and no update conflict errors etc.

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